Rules of Shoot


All approved IFAA brands, generally all commercially available targets.
Chevallan Archery Park use Africa 3D Targets for all Events
Targets display marked zones for scoring
Zone & Target ID on Public Display

Distances & Markers

Max 28 Metres - Minimum 8 Metres
Shoot Markers Adults (Orange Colour)
Shoot Markers Juniors & Cubs (At the discretion of Group Leader)


Recurve - Longbow - Self Bow
Male Adult - Female Adult (Age 17>)
Male Junior - Female Junior (Age 13+ to <17) at shoot date
Male & Female Cub Combined (Age <13) at shoot date
Medals - 1st 2nd 3rd each group (5 in Total)

Group Sizes

Maximum of Six
Minimum of Three
Variations to these numbers by the Shoot Director

Score Zones
To be marked on the animal
To be in an approx area to represent a true kill zone on that animal
Kill Zone can be quartered away but archer must have a clear view

Score Sheets provided
Field Event - Zone Values 10, 8 & 5
No score for miss, hooves, horns or target base/stand
Novelties - At the Discretion of the Host -Score as per Score Sheet
No Check Scorer, Each shooter to be happy with results submitted
Scorer WILL NOT check adding and WILL enter numbers provided
Only obvious errors could be queried but it is not an obligation

Shoot Director

Shoot directors decision is final
Responsibilities of the Shoot Director
Pre-Shoot Briefing
Safety Issues
Scoring Issues
Behaviour Issues
Mediation on Dispute
Noise Issues
Bow Eligibility, Size, Draw Weight and Shoot Type
No Bow Checks carried out
Equipment serviceability the responsibility of the Archer
Report any unserviceable equipment to Shoot Director

Shoot Aids
Binoculars & Range Finders NOT Allowed on the range
Camera's Allowed and promoted
Mobile Phones Acceptable, Phones on Vibrate while shooting

Equipment Guidelines Link

Equipment Guidelines