Chevallan Archery Park


Running Pig
Shooting distance 10 to 15 metres
6 Shooting Spots with rotation after each shot
A safe distance between each shooter peg (3 metres)
Score 10 for Centre, 5 for Outer Zone & Zero for Miss
Collect arrows and score away from the shoot area
Spectators 5 metres behind the shooters for safety
Operator to be in a safe position out of the line of fire

Up to 200 metres available to cover overshoot
Shooting Distance 100 metres plus, say up to 150 metres
Shooting Area reduced by 10 - 20 metres for low poundage bows
Juniors and Cubs at a distance agreed to by group Captain
Five practice shots and then 10 scoring arrows (2 x 5 Arrow Groups)
Groups can combine to help reduce backup of competitors
Two End Shooting, shoot down then shoot back
Score 10, 8, 5 & 2 As Marked

Hunter Round
Six targets at various distances
Start of timer archer moves to target 1 with arrow in quiver
One arrow at each target until 60 seconds time limit lapses
Shoot sequence i.e: 1,2,3,4,5,6,5,4,3,2,1
Scoring 10 for A & B zone and 5 for the rest of the body
Collect all 10 point and 5 point arrows and score away from course

Speed Round
From one Shooting Position possible elevated
Time limit 30 seconds
Fan shaped layout with distances 5 to 20 metres
Arrows in the quiver until the timer is started
Each target must be attempted at least once
Then any target until time is up
Scoring 10 for A & B zone and 5 for the rest of the body

Kings Round
Similar to a Clout Round
Small targets equal higher score 10
Large targets equal lower score 5
Five practice shots
One of two 5 Arrow Rounds time permitting
Distance to target Maximum 50 metres
Score away from range to allow next group to shoot
Groups can combine to help reduce backup of competitors

Rolling Disc
Shoot line, 5 - 10 metres from the target
Roll 5 discs a minimum of 4 metres along the ground
Disc must be on the roll to score
An Adult group member to release the disc's
Score 10 for inner circle - Score 5 for outer circle

Round Yard
As per speed round in the 17 metre round yard

Bird on a wire 4 targets high on a beam
5 Flu Flu's to be used with blunts
4 Best of the 5 Arrows Score 10 for a Knock Over, 0 for a miss

Bow Bird
An aerial shot
Rolling Disc's launched into the air straight up
Flu Flu's & Field Points for this event for Safety & Recovery
NO Blunts for Safety Reasons, bounce off arrows
Shooting spot, 10 metres from launch area
Five arrows shot, One or Two archers at a time
Score, 10 for centre and 5 for rest of the disc
Operator behind protection, 1 Operator & 1 Caller
Operator to be an Adult (18 years or over)
Clear space behind the target for easy arrow recovery

Gamble in Field Event

In the field round, two targets on the one range
Larger target at normal distance with normal scoring
Smaller target at 30 to 35 metres with double score
Nominate your preference before you shoot