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Chevallan Archery Park is the first Privately Owned dedicated Traditional Archery Park in
Australia, we have had our property Re-Zoned "Outdoor Sport & Recreation" and had a
"Tourist Park 50 Camp Sites" approved on the 27th August 2016, we negotiated some
conditions with council and final approval was achieved on the 25th January 2017.

We are outlining the benefits of being a Foundation Member of Chevallan Archery Park

Receive a One Off, Numbered 1 - 100 Foundation Membership Keyring
We have our own Public Liability Insurance for ALL competitiors
Free Early Arrivals & Late Departures
Guaranteed Shoot Availability & Camping Site
Camping Site & Practice Range Free Anytime prior to an Event
Free Xmas Party (Normal Shoot Fees Apply for those shooting)
Calendar Events: Two Day Invitational Shoots x 4, Title Event x 1,
Funday Sunday x 14, One Day Shoots x 3
Members can bring a Guest for 3 visits without membership

An additional Benefit to your membership, you are able to bring a Guest

to Chevallan Archery Park, to participate in the events of the day.

Normal Fees Apply, as the host you are responsible

for the
behavior and security of your Guest


Annual Membership Fee $80.00 / Calendar Year Jan 2021 to December 2021per Adult
See full breakdown and concessions for Families & Juniors

This fee is to cover the Public Insurance and Administration
Normal Shoot Fees apply to All

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