Conditions of Shoot

Chevallan Archery Park

At the discretion of the Event Host or their Constitution or By-laws
Dogs and Cats considered as comfort animals will be allowed
Breeds recognised as dangerous animals are excluded

Disclaimer to be Signed by Owner
All mess to be cleaned by Owner
Excess noise (ie) Barking is not acceptable

BYO - Some wine available during meals
Responsible drinking behaviour expected at all times
No alcohol allowed while competing in the event
Soft Drinks Available from the canteen
Water available on the ranges, keep hydrated at all times
Advertising & Promotion of upcoming Events
Display board available also talk to Host

Friday Night prior to Event Sausage Sizzle

Consumables for Sale
At the discretion of the host
Private Traders Welcome
No responsibility or warranty for quality or delivery of goods

Early Arrivals
At the discretion of the host and by arrangement
Members: Early Arrivals & Late Departures Guaranteed
Generally catering starts Friday Evening
Generally amenities are available from Thursdays on

Emergency Procedures
Fire: Fire Fighting Equipment available on site
Police: Phone Number Displayed
Ambulance: Phone Number Displayed
Mobile Number for any Range Emergency on score sheet

Facilities to be Provided

Toilets (Sufficient to handle numbers attending)
Showers (Sufficient to handle numbers attending)
Note: Showers and Toilets are uni-sex, so be considerate!!

Fire Facilities
Fire Pits (5) are placed around the camping area
Fire Wood is available at a nominal price including kindling wood
Visitors are welcome to bring their own wood
Check before you light up with the hosts
No Fires in fire free zones or fire ban periods

First Aid
First Aid Kit is available and signed well with X marking location
Kit is current and well maintained with relevant materials
First Aid Officer holds a First Aid Certificate
Mobile Contact Advised on Score Sheet in case of an emergency
Ambulance phone number of local service displayed prominently

Allowed BUT Be mindful of other guests discomfort and noise

Late Departures
At the discretion of the host and by arrangement
Members: Late departures and available anytime
Camping and Facility Fees may Apply to Non Members

At the discretion of the host, raffles are a tradition at most archery events,
generally a time waster while results are compiled and medals arranged.
If no Prize Claim is made at the time of the draw a new name or number
will be drawn immediately until the prize is claimed, as most of the
prizes are purchased this is a non-profit activity.

Visitors Behaviour
Chevallan Archery Park and its Owners
will not tolerate unruly or unbecoming behaviour
The owners hold the right to eject any visitor that do not respect the
rules they also hold the right to permanently ban a visitor for
inappropriate or unsuitable behaviour at its discretion absolute
Facilities are Uni-Sex, ensure you observe mutual respect
Sexual harassment is absolutely intolerable.

Insurance Policy
Chevallan Archery Park hold its own Insurance (See Full Conditions)
Quad Bikes (Special Conditions)
Owners permission required to operate the quad bike
Helmets to be worn at all times by all operators
No under 18 year old person to drive the quad
Quad Bikes can be Dangerous, operator care is expected
Motor Vehicles (Special Conditions)
Seat Belts must be worn while on the property
Alliance Members (ABA, 3DAAA etc) cover applies
Check your club or association for any conditions that may apply