Combat Archery



Game Rules


a   Group size minimum of 10 players, bookings are required. As a guide we have session days each fortnight, all school holidays and special one-off bookings, please enquire 0419721672
b   This is a timed game, generally 10 minutes. Games can be booked in 1 hour or 2 hour increments with an extra 00:30minutes of training.
c   The players start from the back line, and run to the safety zone to collect their initial arrows generally 3 arrows then the game is on.
d   Each team is to stay on their side of the safety zone.
e   After a player's initial arrows are shot, he or she can find replacement arrows on the field. Players may enter the safety zone to retrieve arrows, but cannot shoot or be shot in the safety zone.
f   Players cannot remain in the safety zone to avoid being tagged. If an arrow flies outside of the field boundary, a player may retrieve it, but must re-enter the field immediately after retrieving the arrow.
g   Outside boundaries are considered safe zones; players cannot shoot from or be "tagged" when recovering arrows outside of the field of play.
h   A player is considered out and must leave the field if:
The player is hit with an opposing teams arrow on their body, clothing or equipment or
If the player shoots an arrow that is caught mid-air by an opposing player
i   A Player can be recalled back into the game in the order they were eliminated if:
A teammate catches an opponent’s arrow while it is flying through the air
A teammate strikes out one of the spots from the rival team’s 5-spot target.
j   Head shots are not counted, deliberate head shots will result in being sidelined at the discretion of the referee.
k   Do not use bow to deflect an arrow because this can damage the bow and arrow.
l   When the Referee blows the whistle or horn the game is ON! The winning team is determined by one of three ways:
  1 The object of this style of play is to have the most players and target spots remaining at the end of a timed game
(usually 10 minutes depending on the arrangement and number of players on the field).
  2 Whichever team knocks all the centres out of their opponents 5-Spot Target first; or
  3 Eliminates all opponents on the other team. When one of the above has occurred, the Referee will blow the whistle or horn signifying the game is over and players should exit the field.
    It is important that the teams are as even as possible, unless teams want a specific type of game (girls vs. boys, family vs. family, etc.) In most cases, kids should not be playing against adults.
1   Age Limits:      Generally, the accepted age is 10 years of age.
2   Guardian:        Children under the age of 18 are required to have a guardian to sign the form
3   Safety Equip:   You are provided with the required safety equipment, helmet, arm guard, bow and arrows. Bow’s have a draw weight of between 12lb – 25lb to minimize the impact from the arrows.
4   Sun Safe:         This event is carried on out doors in all seasons of the year, you are responsible to take adequate steps to do so, sun screen is available, just ask.

Water:             Please keep hydrated, water is available, it is tank water and considered non-potable however we have used this over the last 10 years, bottled water is available from the canteen fridge at a moderate charge.


Dress Attire:    Please wear suitable clothing for the Combat Archery Event, covered in shoes are required, a hat is recommended, cover up if you have light skin, sun screen is available at the water station.

7   Shade Area:     There is a 5m x 5m shade sail area with table and chairs, umbrellas along the fence line / spectator’s area.
8   Fire Pit:            There is a fire pit adjacent to the shade sail area with bush log seating
9   Alcohol:            Competitors, note that we have a no alcohol policy for participant in this game.



This form is to be completed by all members and visitors of the public who participate in archery activities conducted by Chevallan Archery Park, whether conducted at Chevallan Archery Parks grounds or at another location (i.e. shopping centre, display).

In consideration of participating in the sport of Combat Archery, I represent that I understand the nature of this activity and that I am qualified or had instruction, in good health, and in proper physical condition to participate in such an activity.

I acknowledge that if I believe event conditions are unsafe, I will immediately discontinue my participation in the activity and advise Chevallan Archery Parks co-ordinator of what I believe is unsafe.

This is the approved waiver to be used by Chevallan Archery Park for all members.
Field Archery and Bowhunting are shooting Sporting/Recreational activities conducted in the natural environment which can impose inherent risks through participation in a shooting activity in such an environment. Consequently, on payment of required fee, if any, and being permitted to participate in any activity carried on by Chevallan Archery Park the participant does so entirely at his/her/their own risk.

It is a condition of participation, that the participant for him/herself, his/her executors, administrators, dependents and other personal representatives, absolves and indemnifies the providers, Chevallan Archery Park and its office bearers, management, members and servants or agents from all liability howsoever arising from injury or damage howsoever caused (and whether fatal or otherwise) arising out of participation in Chevallan Archery Park activities, learning Field Archery and/or Bowhunting, or in any way caused by or arising out of any activity carried on by Chevallan Archery Park whether or not such injury or damage is in any way whatsoever due to any negligent act, breach of duty, default and/or omission on the part of Chevallan Archery Park its office bearers, management persons, members and servants or agents. Any person participating in any activity carried on by Chevallan Archery Park are only allowed to do so on the distinct understanding that they do so entirely at their own risk.
I, the applicant, have read, or have had read to me, the above warning and having understood same, consent to the activity proposed.

Print your Name: ………………………………………………...............

Signature: .......................................................................................................  Date: ...... /..... /2018
Valid perpetually until either Revoked or Cancelled

In the presence of (Name & Signature of witness).

Name: .................................................................Signature: …..............................................

This indemnity must be signed by a guardian if the participant is under the age of 18. It is desirable that the underage person also sign this waiver where appropriate.




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