Chevallan Boarder Collies


Miss Maggie, the mother to be, 5 weeks pregnant and looking great.


Miss Maggie is nearly a 2 year old Border Collie, below are some photos of her brothers and sisters and mum
Maggie came from Charters Towers. She has a beautiful nature, she has a slight build and weighs 16kg,
she is 5 weeks pregnant and the ultrasound was an excellant result, it looks like there are 8 puppies
all with a strong heart beat, we expect then to come into our world about the 6th October.

Between Barney and Miss Maggie they have a huge colour sprectrum between them so it's
anyones guess as to the colour of the pups, all we can hope for is healthy little pups.

Miss Maggie
Miss Maggie
Miss Maggie & Litter Pups
Mum & Pups
Mum & Pups
Miss Maggie 2 months approx

These photos are of Maggie on the 7th September, 5 weeks pregnant, healthy, fit and enjoying life,
her temprement is just amazing, she is very trustful of us and we love her dearly.
A picture is worth a thousand words so judge for yourselves.

His first Litter --- Miss Maggie --- Her Puppies